Network Mobility Management Protocols in the ITS scenario: Key Features, Solution Space Taxonomy and Future Research Directions

Publication date:09/01/2011
Authors Toledo, Nerea Higuero, Marivi

Analytical evaluation of a HIP Registration enhancement for NEMO scenarios

Publication date:05/05/2011
Authors Toledo, Nerea Higuero, Marivi Jacob, Eduardo Matias, Jon

Host Identity Protocol based NEMO solutions: An evaluation of the signaling overhead

Publication date:05/01/2011

The MIH (Media Independent Handover) contribution to Mobility Management in a heterogeneous railway communication context: a 802.11 /802.16 case study

Publication date:03/24/2011

Fundamentals of NeMHIP: an enhanced HIP based NEMO protocol

Publication date:01/01/2011

A Privacy Enhancing Architecture for Collaborative Working Environments

Publication date:10/01/2010
Authors Astorga, Jasone Saiz, Puri Jacob, Eduardo Matias, Jon

Extending AAA Operational Model for Profile-based Access Control in Ethernet-based Neutral Access Networks

Publication date:09/24/2010
Authors Matias, Jon Jacob, Eduardo Demchenko, Yuri de Laat, Cees Gommans, Leon

Identifying key communication constraints in high speed railroad operation by building a Train Control Application with ACE Whiteboard

Publication date:09/02/2010
Authors Aguado, Marina Berbineau, Marion Higuero, Marivi Huarte, Maider

Evaluating the Viability of IPv6-Based Communications over IEEE 802.15.4 Networks Using 6LoWPAN

Publication date:09/01/2010

The Bridging Virtualization Approach to Next Generation Broadband Access Networks

Publication date:07/01/2010
Authors Matias, Jon Jacob, Eduardo Aguado, Marina Astorga, Jasone