Access Control for Carrier Ethernet-based Service Delivery: The Service-Port Policy Enforcement

Publication date:05/31/2010
Authors Matias, Jon Jacob, Eduardo Demchenko, Yuri de Laat, Cees

QoS and Security Challenges in the high mobility scenario: the Handover Process

Publication date:01/01/2010
Authors Aguado, Marina Jacob, Eduardo

Security for heterogeneous and ubiquitous environments consisting of resource-limited nodes: an approach to authorization using Kerberos

Publication date:01/01/2010

Reference Architecture for Collaborative Working Environments in Rural Areas

Publication date:01/01/2010
Authors Merz, Christian Bilicki, Vilmos Dörflinger, Jörg Valenzuela, Mónica García, Javier 5 more

A Novel Architecture for Secure, Always-Best Connected Ship-Shore Communications

Publication date:10/01/2009
Authors Toledo, Nerea Higuero, Marivi Jacob, Eduardo Aguado, Marina

Modelo de seguridad para entornos colaborativos distribuidos y ubicuos y su aplicación a los NGCWE’s

Publication date:09/17/2009
Authors Astorga, Jasone Matias, Jon Jacob, Eduardo

A Security Model for Next Generation Collaborative Working Environments

Publication date:07/01/2009
Authors Astorga, Jasone Matias, Jon Saiz, Puri Higuero, Marivi Jacob, Eduardo

Enhancing NGN’s versatility for Multi-Service support: the Bridging Virtualization approach

Publication date:06/08/2009
Authors Matias, Jon Jacob, Eduardo Aguado, Marina Astorga, Jasone

Network Convergence through Bridging Virtualization Tool

Publication date:06/08/2009

Towards a real convergence for Multi-play

Publication date:05/13/2009
Authors Matias, Jon Jacob, Eduardo Higuero, Marivi Astorga, Jasone