QoS and Security Challenges in the high mobility scenario: the Handover Process

Publication date:01/01/2010
Authors Aguado, Marina Jacob, Eduardo

Identifying key communication constraints in high speed railroad operation by building a Train Control Application with ACE Whiteboard

Publication date:09/02/2010
Authors Aguado, Marina Berbineau, Marion Higuero, Marivi Huarte, Maider

The MIH (Media Independent Handover) contribution to Mobility Management in a heterogeneous railway communication context: a 802.11 /802.16 case study

Publication date:03/24/2011
Authors Aguado, Marina Astorga, Jasone Matias, Jon Huarte, Maider

Analytical evaluation of a HIP Registration enhancement for NEMO scenarios

Publication date:05/05/2011
Authors Toledo, Nerea Higuero, Marivi Jacob, Eduardo Matias, Jon

End-to-End Multipath Technology: Enhancing Availability and Reliability in Next-Generation Packet-Switched Train Signaling Systems

Publication date:03/01/2014
Authors López, Igor Aguado, Marina Jacob, Eduardo

SCADA systems in the railway domain: enhancing reliability through Redundant MultipathTCP

Publication date:09/15/2015
Authors López, Igor Aguado, Marina Pinedo, Christian Jacob, Eduardo

Cyber security analysis of the European train control system

Publication date:10/01/2015
Authors López, Igor Aguado, Marina

A Step Up in European Rail Traffic Management Systems: A Seamless Fail Recovery Scheme

Publication date:06/01/2016
Authors López, Igor Aguado, Marina Pinedo, Christian

Exploiting redundancy and path diversity for railway signalling resiliency

Publication date:08/23/2016
Authors López, Igor Aguado, Marina Mendiola, Alaitz Higuero, Marivi