QoS and Security Challenges in the high mobility scenario: the Handover Process

Publication date:01/01/2010
Authors Aguado, Marina Jacob, Eduardo

Extending AAA Operational Model for Profile-based Access Control in Ethernet-based Neutral Access Networks

Publication date:09/24/2010
Authors Matias, Jon Jacob, Eduardo Demchenko, Yuri de Laat, Cees Gommans, Leon

Application of 'Attack Trees' in security analysis of digital contents e-commerce protocols with copyrigth protection

Authors Higuero, Marivi Unzilla, Juanjo Jacob, Eduardo Saiz, Puri Aguado, Marina 1 more

A practical tool for analysis of security in systems for distribution of digital contents based on attack trees

Authors Higuero, Marivi Unzilla, Juanjo Saiz, Puri Jacob, Eduardo Aguado, Marina 1 more

Copyright protection in the distribution of multimedia digital objects in Internet

Publication date:11/30/1999
Authors Higuero, Marivi Saiz, Puri Aguado, Marina

FlowNAC: Flow-based Network Access Control

Publication date:09/01/2014

Towards Unified Programmability of Cloud and Carrier Infrastructure

Publication date:09/01/2014

Multi-domain bandwidth on demand service provisioning using SDN

Publication date:06/06/2016

Cyber security analysis of the European train control system

Publication date:10/01/2015

Analytical evaluation of time- and energy-efficient security protocol for IP-enabled sensors

Publication date:02/01/2014