Network Mobility Management Protocols in the ITS scenario: Key Features, Solution Space Taxonomy and Future Research Directions

Publication date: September 1, 2011

Authors: Toledo, Nerea Higuero, Marivi
Type:Book Chapter
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Series: - Book title: Mobile Computing Techniques in Emerging Markets: Systems, Applications and Services
Chapter: - Edition: IGI-Global
Volume: - Journal: -
Number: - Pages: -
ISBN/ISSN: - Hershay, PA

This chapter presents the most significant approaches developed so far for addressing NEtwork MObility (NEMOi) management, including the most outstanding solution (NEMO BS) and highlighting their most interesting features. We also define the demanded key features to the NEMO protocols to be applied in the ITS context and provide an analysis of the fulfillment of these key features by the NEMO protocols. The proposals suggested so far can be can be classified in two different categories: on the one hand, NEMO solutions that consider MIPv6 as the base host mobility management protocol, and on the other hand, solutions that consider alternative base host mobility management protocols like SIP, LIN6 or HIP. Besides, we provide a taxonomy on MIPv6 based NEMO protocols classifying them considering which characteristics they aim to enhance. It is important to point out that the selection of the base host mobility management protocol is fundamental to have as much as possible demanded key features satisfied by the NEMO protocol to be applied in the ITS context.

Related keywords: ITS Network Mobility Route Optimization Nested Mobility