Smart Networks for Industry (SN4I) Infrastructure updated to fully support 5G and IIoT

September 2, 2021

Smart Networks for Industry - updated for 5G

As of now, 5G full plant coverage in the CFAA is available in the context of the project 5G-Euskadi. Until now eMBB over NSA services is available. and a fully operative 5G URLLC over SA service is expected to (by the end of this year), available which will fulfill the low latency and critical data requirements of the Industrial IoT scenario. Additionally. a 5G Non-Public Network (NPN) with experimental gNodeB provides 5G connectivity in specific areas of the CFAA plant. This setup allows both the integration of 5G sensors and 5G routers in the machine tools to provide added value to the manufacturing processes. Another experimental eNodeb base station provides NB-IoT and LTE-M on-demand coverage for constrained device sensors.

In addition, a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has been integrated into the SN4I architecture, enabling the deployment of several constrained device sensors in the CFAA in order to monitor different environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, or lightness. The interconnection between the WSN and the wired SN4I is performed through a 6LoWPAN Border Router and several Constrained Device Sensor (CDS) using the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol. To mitigate security issues, the Hidra protocol is used, providing a strong and dynamic access control solution that can be implemented even in the most resource-constrained devices.