Cetratus: A framework for zero downtime secure software updates in safety-critical systems

Fecha de publicación:20/03/2020
Autores Mugarza, Imanol Parra, Jorge Jacob, Eduardo

An Advance Reservation System to Improve Network Resource Utilization in Software-Defined Networks

Fecha de publicación:27/02/2020
Autores Mendiola, Alaitz Astorga, Jasone Jacob, Eduardo Unzilla, Juanjo

TRLs 5–7 Advanced Manufacturing Centres, Practical Model to Boost Technology Transfer in Manufacturing

Fecha de publicación:06/09/2019
Autores Sastoque, Leonardo Llorente, Raul Toledo, Nerea Norberto López de Lacalle, Luis Ramezani, Mahboobeh

An adaptable Train-to-Ground Communication Architecture Basaed on the 5G technological enabler SDN

Fecha de publicación:12/06/2019
Autores Franco, David Aguado, Marina Toledo, Nerea

Impact assessment of policy expressiveness of an optimised access control model for smart sensors

Fecha de publicación:01/05/2019
Autores Uriarte, Mikel Astorga, Jasone Jacob, Eduardo Huarte, Maider López, Oscar

Fostering non-technical skills for future engineers: labour reality in the Graphic Expression subject

Fecha de publicación:28/04/2019
Autores Toledo, Nerea Lopez, Jaime Iturrondobeitia, Maider Herrero, Isabel

Which didactic methodology is the most appropriate for my subject?

Fecha de publicación:28/04/2019
Autores Lopez, Jaime Herrero, Isabel Iturrondobeitia, Maider Toledo, Nerea

A virtual kinematic design of dental restorations using reverse engineering

Fecha de publicación:28/04/2019
Autores Iturrate, Mikel Minguez, Rikardo Toledo, Nerea Egiraun, Harkaitz de prado, Iñigo 1 más

Dynamic Software Updates to Enhance Security and Privacy in High Availability Energy Management Applications in Smart Cities

Fecha de publicación:21/03/2019
Autores Mugarza, Imanol Amurrio, Andoni Azketa, Ekain Jacob, Eduardo

A Novel Method for Strategic Decision Making based on Project Management Maturity

Fecha de publicación:01/01/2019
Autores Toledo, Nerea Ramon Otegi, Jose