Towards Unified Programmability of Cloud and Carrier Infrastructure

Publication date:09/2014

Authors:Jokin Garay, Eduardo Jacob.
Series:Conference proceedings book
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Series: - Book title: Proceedings of the European Workshop on Software Defined Networks EWSDN 2014
Chapter: - Edition: -
Volume: - Journal: IEEE Computer Society
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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-4799-6919-7 Publication city: Budapest

The rise of cloud services poses considerable challenges on the control of both cloud and carrier network infrastructures.

While traditional telecom network services rely on rather static processes (often involving manual steps), the wide adoption of mobile devices including tablets, smartphones and wearables introduce previously unseen dynamics in the creation, scaling and withdrawal of new services. These phenomena require optimal flexibility in the characterization of services, as well as on the control and orchestration of both carrier and cloud infrastructure. This paper proposes a unified programmability framework addressing: the unification of network and cloud resources, the integrated control and management of cloud and network, the description for programming networked/cloud services, and the provisioning processes of these services. In addition proofs-of-concept are provided based on existing opensource control software components.