Host Identity Protocol based NEMO solutions: An evaluation of the signaling overhead

Publication date:05/2011

Authors:Nerea Toledo, Jean Marie Bonnin, Marivi Higuero, Eduardo Jacob.
Series:Conference article
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Series: - Book title: IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference 2011 (VTC 2011)
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With the goal of solving shortcomings of MIPv6, alternative protocols such as HIP have been proposed by the research community. In the same way as for MIPv6, solutions to cover NEMO scenarios based on HIP have been worked out. However, there is little agreement on which the best way is to handle NEMO scenarios when using HIP. In this work we analyze different HIP based NEMO solutions and define mathematical models for their analysis. These models are utilized for evaluating the signaling overhead of HIP based NEMO protocols in order to provide insight in the specification of the features a HIP based NEMO solution should fulfill.