The Bridging Virtualization Approach to Next Generation Broadband Access Networks

Publication date:07/2010

Authors:Jon Matias, Eduardo Jacob, Marina Aguado, Jasone Astorga.
Series:Journal article
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Series: 2010/III Book title: -
Chapter: - Edition: -
Volume: LXV Journal: Infocommunications Journal (a Sister Society of IEEE)
Number: - Pages: 3-13
ISBN/ISSN: HU ISSN 2061-2079 Publication city: -

Next Generation Broadband Access Networks (NGBAN), the next evolutionary step of current broadband access, have experienced
a great evolution in the last few years. The NGBAN architecture is based on the reference model introduced by the Broadband
Forum in TR-144, while the Next Generation Services (NGS) are based on the Ethernet Services defined by the Metro Ethernet Forum
in its 6.1 technical specification. In this context, network convergence means that the same network must be capable of
transporting all the existent telecommunication services (voice, video and data). This paper introduces Carrier-Grade Ethernet
as transport technology to achieve convergence in provider networks. A new approach for network convergence is also presented,
the bridging virtualization, which uses the concept of instances to deal with service requests. Then, a secure instantiation
mechanism for NGBAN is explained, which is based on the EAPoL protocol (IEEE 802.1X). Finally, a profile-based configuration
service is introduced, which defines the services through XML profiles inspired on the MEF specifications (UNI, EVC per UNI and EVC).